FEET OF JESUS - poetry by Langston Hughes

SAATTBB with soprano saxophone, soprano soloist, baritone soloist and organ (18')

  1. Feet o' Jesus - Soprano saxophone, soprano solo, chorus, organ
  2. Prayer - SATB, a cappella
  3. Shout - SATB, a cappella
  4. Litany/Sinner - Soprano solo, baritone solo, soprano sax, SATB and organ
  5. Fire - Baritone solo, SATB, a cappella
  6. Angels Wings - Soprano solo, baritone solo, SATB, a cappella
  7. Spirituals - Soprano solo, baritone solo, soprano sax, SATB and organ



High Mesa Land (Mesa Songs).mp3

There is a color in nature (Mesa Songs).mp3

Power (Mesa Songs).mp3

MESA SONGSpoetry by Betty Andrews

SSAATTBB a cappella with Indian flute, rain stick & Indian drum (Third place winner of the Sorel Medallion for choral composition, 2008)

  1. High Mesa Land
  2. There is a Color in Nature
  3. Power

1. Ad Caelum Scalas...mp3

2. La Funzione Dei Muscoli.mp3

3. Dejad que mis enemigos.mp3

4. Bénis Sont-Ils.mp3

5. I Hate Flowers.mp3


TTBB a cappella 

(Commissioned by the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Linda Mack, director)

  1. Michelangelo
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Salvador Dali
  4. Camille Pissarro
  5. Georgia O'Keefe

ANACREONTICS - or "Love, Heaven and Wine" 

SATB & guitar

(Commissioned by Cantori; Robert Cowles, director, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York & First place winner of the Sorel Medallion, 2009)

  1. Love (Abraham Cowley)
  2. The Honey of Heaven  (Wallace Stevens)
  3. Wine (Homer)

Love Spell.mp3

Spell of Creation.mp3

THREE SPELLS - poetry by Kathleen Raine 

SSAA a cappella 

(Commissioned by Psalllite Women's Choir, Nancy Hadden, director)

  1. Spell Against Sorrow
  2. Love Spell
  3. Spell of Creation (with Renaissance Flute)

Christmas Prayer.mp3

A CHRISTMAS PRAYER - poetry by Lizette Woodworth Reese

SSAATTBB a cappella and narrator (3'30")

(Commissioned by Edith Copley, director, Shrine of the Ages Choir, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ)

Long, long ago.mp3

LONG, LONG AGO - traditional Christmas text  - (Winds Through the Olive Trees)

SAATTBB a cappella (4'00")

The Mountain That Is Mine.mp3

THE MOUNTAIN THAT IS MINE - Poetry by Charly Moody

Children's Chorus & piano (3'00")