FEET OF JESUS - poetry by Langston Hughes

SAATTBB with soprano saxophone, soprano soloist, baritone soloist and organ (18')

  1. Feet o' Jesus - Soprano saxophone, soprano solo, chorus, organ
  2. Prayer - SATB, a cappella
  3. Shout - SATB, a cappella
  4. Litany/Sinner - Soprano solo, baritone solo, soprano sax, SATB and organ
  5. Fire - Baritone solo, SATB, a cappella
  6. Angels Wings - Soprano solo, baritone solo, SATB, a cappella
  7. Spirituals - Soprano solo, baritone solo, soprano sax, SATB and organ


High Mesa Land (Mesa Songs).mp3

There is a color in nature (Mesa Songs).mp3

Power (Mesa Songs).mp3

MESA SONGSpoetry by Betty Andrews

SSAATTBB a cappella with Indian flute, rain stick & Indian drum (Third place winner of the Sorel Medallion for choral composition, 2008)

  1. High Mesa Land
  2. There is a Color in Nature
  3. Power

1. Ad Caelum Scalas...mp3

2. La Funzione Dei Muscoli.mp3

3. Dejad que mis enemigos.mp3

4. Bénis Sont-Ils.mp3

5. I Hate Flowers.mp3


TTBB a cappella 

(Commissioned by the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Linda Mack, director)

  1. Michelangelo
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Salvador Dali
  4. Camille Pissarro
  5. Georgia O'Keefe

Love (Anacreontics).mp3

The Honey of Heaven (Anacreontics).mp3

Wine (Anacreontics).mp3

ANACREONTICS - or "Love, Heaven and Wine" 

SATB & guitar

(Commissioned by Cantori; Robert Cowles, director, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York & First place winner of the Sorel Medallion, 2009)

  1. Love (Abraham Cowley)
  2. The Honey of Heaven  (Wallace Stevens)
  3. Wine (Homer)

Love Spell.mp3

Spell of Creation.mp3

THREE SPELLS - poetry by Kathleen Raine 

SSAA a cappella 

(Commissioned by Psalllite Women's Choir, Nancy Hadden, director)

  1. Spell Against Sorrow
  2. Love Spell
  3. Spell of Creation (with Renaissance Flute)

Christmas Prayer.mp3

A CHRISTMAS PRAYER - poetry by Lizette Woodworth Reese

SSAATTBB a cappella and narrator (3'30")

(Commissioned by Edith Copley, director, Shrine of the Ages Choir, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ)

Long, long ago.mp3

LONG, LONG AGO - traditional Christmas text  - (Winds Through the Olive Trees)

SAATTBB a cappella (4'00")

The Mountain That Is Mine.mp3

THE MOUNTAIN THAT IS MINE - Poetry by Charly Moody

Children's Chorus & piano (3'00")