BOTANY FOR THE GODS - poetry by Janet Joyner

Soprano & piano 

  1. Cassandra
  2. Botany for the Gods
  3. Rain Song (Homage to Paul Verlaine)
  4. Decoherence as My Way Out of the Quantum Mechanics of Underpants
  5. In a Goolagong Bog
  6. Lift Off

- composed for Christine Graham

FIVE EDGAR ALLAN POE SONGS - poetry by Edgar Allan Poe

Bass-baritone & piano (17'24")

  1. Hear the Sledges with the Bells (1'54")
  2. Evening Star (2'56")
  3. Romance (3'54)
  4. Alone (3'32")
  5. A Dream Within a Dream (5'05")

- composed for Robert Allen Saunders

BLACK DAY, BRIGHT - poetry by Louise Labé, translation by Willis Barnstone

Contralto & piano (6'21")

  1. Sonnet XIV  Although I Cry (3'54")
  2. Sonnet XV  To Honor the Return of Sparkling Sun (2'27")

- composed for Rehanna Thelwell


Voice & piano 

  1. Alleluia
  2. Perplexed Music--poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  3. Absences--poetry by Philip Larkin
  4. You are tired (I think)--poetry by E. E. Cummings
  5. Didn't You Hear My Lord When He Called?--traditional
  6. Someone Should Start Laughing--poetry by Hafiz
  7. The Salley Gardens--poetry by W. B. Yeats
  8. Hotel Garden--poetry by Carl Tomlinson

I SPILL MY SOUL - poetry by E.E. Cummings

Soprano & piano

  1. Thy fingers make early flowers of all things (2'05")
  2. this is the garden; colors come and go, (5'30")
  3. (sitting in a tree--) (1'40")
  4. O Thou to whom the musical white spring (2'17")

COWBOY DREAMS - traditional texts

Tenor or high baritone & piano (8'15")

  1. The Cowboy's Dream (3'30")
  2. The Pecos Stream (2'35")
  3. The Big Corral (2'10)

Selected songs-

Voice & piano  (high, medium and low keys)

  1. You are tired, I think (poetry by E. E. Cummings)
  2. Didn't you hear my Lord when He called (traditional)
  3. Perplexed music (poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
  4. Someone should start laughing (poetry by Hafiz)
  5. Alleluia (traditional)
  6. Absences (poetry by Philip Larkin)
  7. The Salley Gardens (poetry by William Butler Yeats)
  8. Suzanne (words and music by Leonard Cohen in an art song arrangement)

FOUR SONGS OF THE THE HEART- poetry by Kathleen Raine

Mezzo-soprano & piano (12')

  1. Lament
  2. Nocturn
  3. Purify
  4. The Healing Spring

FOUR SONNETS BY PABLO NERUDA, SET 1- poetry in the English translations by Stephen Tapscott

Soprano or Mezzo-soprano & piano (12')

  1. Sonnet XVII: from Manana (Morning) I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz
  2. Sonnet XLV: from Mediodia (Afternoon) Don't go far off, not even for a day
  3. Sonnet LVII: Tarde (Evening) They're liars, those who say I lost the moon
  4. Sonnet LXXXIX: from Noche (Night) When I die, I want your hands on my eyes

- commissioned by Arlene Shrut

FOUR SONNETS BY PABLO NERUDA, SET 2- poetry in the English translations by Stephen Tapscott

Soprano or mezzo-soprano & piano (14')

  1. Sonnet VIII: from Manana (Morning) If your eyes were not the color of the moon
  2. Sonnet XXXV: from Mediodia (Afternoon) Your hand flew from my eyes into the day
  3. Sonnet LXX: Tarde (Evening) Maybe—though I do not bleed—I am wounded
  4. Sonnet LXXXI: from Noche (Night) And now you’re mine. Rest with your dream into my dream

- commissioned by Eileen Strempel and Sylvie Beaudette


Baritone or mezzo-soprano & piano (11')

  1. Quand je te vois, seule…
  2. Bonjour, mon coeur
  3. À sa guitare
  4. Je suis homme, né pour mourir

- dedicated to Carol Kimball

NIGHT DREAMS- poetry by Margaret Atwood

Soprano or mezzo-soprano & piano (17')

  1. Night Poem
  2. Siren Song
  3. Variations on the Word Sleep
  4. Flying Inside Your Own Body

- commissioned by Eileen Strempel and Sylvie Beaudette

AWAKE ON A SPRING NIGHT- poetry by Betty Andrews

Soprano or mezzo-soprano & piano (12')

  1. When I Was Young
  2. The Time Comes
  3. New Grass
  4. Awake On A Spring Night
  5. The Shape of Laughter

THE SECRET HISTORY OF WATER- poetry by Silvia Curbelo

Soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor or baritone & piano

  1. The Blackbirds Take Over the Sky (3'56")
  2. The Secret History of Water (4'40")
  3. The Death of the Tango (4'03")
  4. The Lake Has Swallowed the Whole Sky (4'37")
  5. Drinking Song (3'54")
  6. For All The Goodbyes (4'37")
  7. Dreaming Horse (2'15")
  8. The Room Was A Pond (4'04")
  9. I’m in love, I’m floating (3'25")
  10. Last Call (5'10")
  11. Janis Joplin (3'24")
  12. Some nights you crank up the car radio and just drive (5'08")
  13. The Simple Geography of Leaving (4'26")
  14. Spontaneous Human Combustion (2'20")

THREE SONGS FOR BASS-BARITONE- poetry by Thomas Carew, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and anon.

Bass-baritone & piano (12')

  1. Celia Singing (5'30")
  2. Song and Music (4'15")
  3. A Short History of Medicine (2'00")

- composed for Toby Kidd

TRES CANÇÕES- Portuguese poetry by Cassiano Ricardo, João Cabral de Melo Neto & Vinicíus de Morales

Tenor or soprano & piano (8')

  1. Canto Da Juriti
  2. Poema
  3. Soneto De Separaçao

- Composed for Ricardo Pereira

DE AMOR OSCURO- Spanish poetry by Federico Alarcón

Tenor or soprano & piano (5')

  1. Me diste una canasta de manzanas
  2. Desde que conoci en el camino

- Composed for Ricardo Pereira