24 Italian Songs and Arias for 21st Century Singers

Judith Cloud

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24 Italian Songs and Arias for 21st Century Singers, Songs 1 – 12

(music coming soon)

1. Amarilli, mia bella

2. O cessate di piagarmi

3. Come raggio di sol

4. Tu lo sai

5. Sento nel core

6. Se Florinda è fedele

7. Le violette

8. Già il sole dal Gange

9. Nina

10. Pur dicesti o bocca bella

11. Vittoria, mio core!

12. Che fiero costume

24 Italian Songs and Arias for 21st Century Singers, Songs 13-24

(music coming soon)

13. Star vicino

14. Non posso disperar

15. Per la gloria d’adorarvi

16. Sebben crudele

17. Alma del core

18. Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile

19. Quella fiamma che m’accende

20. Nel cor più non mi sento

21. Se tu m’ami

22. Caro mio ben

23. Non posso vivere

24. Intorno al idol mio


“Judith Cloud’s songs are expressive and beautifully crafted for the voice, and they continue to attract singers who happily program and perform them.”
Dr. Carol Kimball, Journal of Singing

“The quality of these songs rises far above the level of the dilettante. Singers looking for new repertoire might especially want to investigate these well-crafted songs by a composer who deserves to be better known.”

David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine

“The signature style of Judith Cloud’s stunning compositions are a priceless gift to our culture.  It has been a privilege to essay premieres of her art songs–she captures each poet’s tone and message with beautifully crafted vocal lines and piano writing that is always idiomatic and expressive.”

Dr. Arlene Shrut, Faculty UNCG - Vocal Coach, Former Faculty - The Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music, Artist Faculty - Atlantic Music Festival and Source Song Festival