Performer Credits

Judith Cloud

I would like to thank the fabulous artists who have inspired my compositions. They dedicated their time and talents to learning my music and enthusiastically performed in live performances and recording sessions. I am beyond grateful for their love and support.

Art Song

Wink & Wonder
Talen Swan, bass & Janice ChenJu Chiang, piano

A Night at the Opera
Gabriel Hernandez, tenor & Mikayla Rogers, piano
CJ Case, tenor & Mikayla Rogers, piano
Martin Rickert, tenor & Kara Piatt, piano
Heather Lake, soprano & Mikayla Rogers, piano

Botany for the Gods
Christine Graham, soprano & Michele Wachter, piano

Black Day, Bright Day-
Rehanna Thelwell, contralto & Yolanda, Canaday, piano

I Spill My Soul
Leann Conley-Holcom, soprano & Brian Lockard, piano (1, 2 and 4)
Erin Entringer, soprano & Brian Lockard, piano (3)

Cowboy Dreams
Chach Snook, tenor & Frank Scott, piano

Four Songs of the Heart
Judith Cloud, mezzo-soprano & Rita Borden, piano

Four Sonnets by Pablo Neruda, Set 1
Jennifer Trost, soprano & Arlene Shrut, piano

Four Sonnets by Pablo Neruda, Set 2
Judith Cloud, mezzo-soprano & Rita Borden, piano

Quatre mélodies de Ronsard
Todd Fitzpatrick, baritone & Robert Mills, piano

Night Dreams
Eileen Strempel, soprano & Sylvie Beaudette, piano

Awake on a Spring Night
Karen Brookens, soprano & Frank Scott, piano

The Secret History of Water, Set 1
Judith Cloud, mezzo-soprano & Rita Borden, piano

The Secret History of Water, Set 2
Elizabeth Honer, soprano & Beth Oertel, piano

The Secret History of Water, Set 3
Caleb Winsor, tenor & Beth Oertel, piano

Três Canções

De Amor Oscuro
Ricardo Pereira, tenor & Robert Mills, piano

Five Edgar Allan Poe Songs
Jacob Will, bass & Lynn Kompass, piano

Jeanne Cloud Perrone, soprano & Lynn Radcliff, piano

You are tired, I think
Catherine Thornsley, soprano & Yolanda Canaday, piano

Perplexed Music
Sarah Sherman Barrera, soprano & Yolanda Canaday, piano

Didn’t You Hear My Lord When He Called?
Catherine Thornsley, soprano & Yolanda Canaday, piano

Instrumental Chamber

Fantasy on Three Irish Folk Songs
Jeremy Reynolds, clarinet & Janice ChenJu Chiang, piano

Three Impressions of Northern Arizona
Emily Hoppe, flute & Janice ChenJu Chiang, piano

Sonata for Trumpet & Piano
Cindy Gould, trumpet & Rita Borden, piano

Three Dogs from Greek Mythology
Steve Dunn & Cindy Gould, trumpets; Nancy Sullivan, horn; David Vining, trombone & Alex Lapins, tuba

Six Stories by Italian Children
Jennifer Reagan, flute; Rebecca Scarnati, oboe; Michael Sullivan, clarinet; David Bruner, bassoon; Nancy Sullivan, horn

The Dancing Ghost Lady of Coal Canyon
Emily McKay, flute; Rebecca Scarnati, oboe; Jonathan Bergeron, alto saxophone
Steve Hemphill, timpani; Julianne Layton and Phoebe Hughes, percussion; Elizabeth Elgin, harp
Rita Borden, piano; Jacqueline Schwandt, viola; Mary Ann Ramos, cello
Judith Cloud, conductor

What Would Nina Simone Say?
Anders Paulson, soprano saxophone & Jonathan Dimmock, organ

Little Sally Walker
Frank Scott & Rita Borden, piano 1; Yolanda Canaday & Janice ChenJu Chiang, piano 2

René Kubelik, violin & Patrizio Mazzola, piano

Cindy Gould, trumpet & Rita Borden, piano

Six Forays
Emily Hoppe, flute & Jeremy Reynolds, clarinet

Three Movements for Soprano Sax, Trumpet and Horn
Wildy Zumwalt, soprano saxophone, Cindy Gould, trumpet & Nancy Sullivan, horn


Feet of Jesus
St. Jacob’s Kammerchor, Gary Graden, conducting
Anders Paulsson, soprano saxophone
Marymal Holmes, soprano & John Williams, baritone
Andrew Canning, organ

Words from an Artist’s Palette
Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Linda Mack, conducting

Mesa Songs
Shrine of the Ages Choir, Edith Copley, conducting

Anacreontics (or Love, Heaven & Wine)
Reading NAU volunteer singers, Edith Copley, conducting
Ken Meyer, guitar

The Mountain that is Mine
Children’s Choir of Flagstaff, Erica Kragness, conducting

Long, Long Ago
Shrine of the Ages Choir, Edith Copley, conducting

Three Spells
Psallite, Nancy Hadden, conducting and baroque flute

Vocal Chamber

The Poet’s Pen
Ricardo Pereira, tenor, Rebecca Scarnati, oboe & Rita Borden, piano

Three Songs from “Gleanings”
Deborah Raymond, soprano, Jeremy Reynolds, clarinet & Rita Borden, piano

The Waking
Judith Cloud, mezzo-soprano & Ken Meyer, guitar

A Lullaby for the Earth
John Grau & Ricardo Pereira, tenors; Toby Kidd & Robert Allen Saunders, basses; Yolanda Canaday, piano


Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Orchestra
Anders Paulsson, soprano saxophone
Northern Arizona University Orchestra, Robert Baldwin, conducting

Peter Wright, clarinet
Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Courtney Lewis, conducting


Beethoven’s Slippers
Jennifer Trost, soprano
James Lyon, violin; Jacquelyn Schwandt, viola ; Mary Ann Ramos, cello ; Rita Borden, piano
Daniel O’Bryant, conducting


“Judith Cloud’s songs are expressive and beautifully crafted for the voice, and they continue to attract singers who happily program and perform them.”
Dr. Carol Kimball, Journal of Singing

“The quality of these songs rises far above the level of the dilettante. Singers looking for new repertoire might especially want to investigate these well-crafted songs by a composer who deserves to be better known.”

David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine

“The signature style of Judith Cloud’s stunning compositions are a priceless gift to our culture.  It has been a privilege to essay premieres of her art songs–she captures each poet’s tone and message with beautifully crafted vocal lines and piano writing that is always idiomatic and expressive.”

Dr. Arlene Shrut, Faculty UNCG - Vocal Coach, Former Faculty - The Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music, Artist Faculty - Atlantic Music Festival and Source Song Festival