Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Orchestra

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone was commissioned and premiered by Swedish saxophonist  Anders Paulsson in 1998 with the Northern Arizona University Orchestra, Robert Baldwin conducting. I knew of Paulsson’s expertise and artistry as I had composed my cantata Feet of Jesus with his playing in mind. The first movement contains thematic material that is repeated and developed in the second and third movements. I wanted to take advantage of the melodic potential of the soprano sax, exploring nuances of color throughout the range. There are slight suggestions of jazz elements. This first movement introduces the sound of the soprano saxophone and suggests what is to come later on with more challenging technical passages.

1. Andante con moto

2. Andante misterioso

3. “Land of Rest”


HiJinx! was commissioned by clarinetist Peter Wright in the spring of 2013. It is a mostly humorous piece aimed at entertaining the audience and the members of the orchestra. I also intended it to be a suitable companion to the Rossini Introduction, Theme and Variations, also featured on the Jacksonville Symphony’s 2014-15 season opener. Keenly aware of Peter’s fine soloistic abilities I approached organization of the workaround quotations from well-known clarinet solos. The work was composed between December and March with Peter’s mischievous personality constantly in mind, thus the inclusion of random quotations from opera, chamber music, and popular song.

For Clarinet & Orchestra