My fondest memories as a mezzo-soprano are of the performances with other vocalists and instrumentalists. I was a chamber music fellow for two summers at the famed Aspen Music festival and school, where I was fortunate enough to work with Jan DeGaetani, Leslie Guinn and Adele Addison. My compositions in this genre include works for tenor, oboe and piano, soprano, clarinet and piano, voice and guitar, and voice and trombone. Lullaby for the Earth is for two tenors, baritone and bass and piano.

The Waking

Poem by Theodore Roethke
Medium High Voice & Guitar

The Poet’s Pen

(From the Greek of Menecrates)
Tenor, Oboe & Piano

Three Songs from “Gleanings”

Poetry by Betty Andrews
Soprano, Clarinet in A & Piano

Songs of Need and Desire

Poems by Elizabeth Bishop, Kathleen Raine & Perry Brass
Soprano & Guitar

1. Sonnet (1928)

2. Not In Time

3. Lyric 4

A Lullaby for the Earth

Poetry by Perry Brass
In celebration of Earth Day, April 21, 2007