I compose music for instrumental musicians whose talents I am overwhelmed by! And I have been fortunate enough to have these friends ask me to compose a piece for them. Violin and piano; flute and clarinet; soprano sax, trumpet and horn; a woodwind quintet and two brass quintets. There is also a piece for large chamber ensemble with narration, “The Dancing Ghost Lady of Coal Canyon,” that shows how I’ve been influenced by Native American culture of the Southwest. “What Would Nina Simone Say?” is a work for soprano sax and organ. It was fashioned after my fascination with the legendary Simone, who also just happened to grow up in my hometown of Tryon, NC.

Fantasy on Three Irish Folk Songs

Clarinet & piano (10′)

1. The Pulse of an Irishman

2. The Lass of Aughrim

3. The Raggle, Taggle Gypsy

Three Impressions of Northern Arizona

Flute & piano (10′)

Sonata for Trumpet & Piano

Three Dogs from Greek Mythology

Brass Quintet (10′)

Six Stories by Italian Children

Woodwind Quintet with narration (11′)

1. The Singing Goat
2. The Dog Who Lost His Tail
3. The Talking Plate
4. The Love-Sick Elephant
5. The Generous Tree
6. The Acrobatic Flea

The Dancing Ghost Lady of Coal Canyon

Flute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Timpani, Harp, Piano, Viola & Cello

1. Introduction
2. Memories of the First Dance
3. Searching
4. She Jumps, Trying to Reach the Moon

What Would Nina Simone Say?

Soprano Saxophone & Organ

Little Sally Walker

Pianos Eight Hands


Violin & Piano


Trumpet in C & Piano

Six Forays

Flute & Clarinet

Three Movements for Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet & Horn

ESCAPE (2021)

Cello & Piano

1. Dark Rhapsody

2. Pensive Reverie

3. Volare (After a poem by Douglas Atwill)

4. …the musical white spring (After a poem by E. E. Cummings)